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3 ways to keep spiders away from your home

Spiders. If you fear spiders, you don’t want these in your home…or around it, or even in the 3 mile radius. Hey, even if you aren’t afraid of them, you probably aren’t inviting them in! These are tiny creatures that are known to have multiple sets of eyes and 6 or more icky, hairy legs. Kind of creepy, if you ask us. Though these species help the ecosystem in various ways like eating harmful insects, and through the pollination and recycling of dead plants and animals, they can easily do this from afar and not in the top right corner of our living rooms or underneath our beds. With all of this being said, spiders can still be an actual issue in and around your home. Not only for all of you arachnophobics out there, but for everyone. What many often do not acknowledge is the potential danger that they may present.

Even though they may not do any damage to your home or property like other pests might, they can still become annoying and even dangerous when there are too many. I mean, who wants to have company over and spot a spider making it’s way across the floor! If your guest happens to be arachnophobic, they may never come back…

Another major negative for this pest is that some type of these species are venomous, which means that their bites can affect their victim negatively by causing severe blood, skin, or other bodily reactions. Also, if you have children or elderly residents in your home, their immune systems are at risk of being compromised. Due to their tendencies and the risks they can pose, it’s no wonder why so many people are always looking for a way to keep spiders away.

Seal them out!

This is probably one of the most effective ways to get rid of any and all spiders that are near. You have to make sure that your doors and windows are always sealed properly, leaving no room for potential entryway for pests. If you suspect that spiders have already made their entrance, you must also inspect for any possible ways that they can enter your home and address these parts immediately. You have…

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