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6 amazing ways to style your ankle boots (& tips to wear them on different occasions)

Most women take time to get on board with the most popular winter footwear trend- ankle boots. Some may feel that women ankle boots make their ankles look wide while some may not like their legs get cut right above the ankle.

But every now and then, you will find some blogger looking amazing in them and we don’t blame you if you couldn’t resist trying them out.

With thousands of different options available, it’s hard to figure out which one may work for you.

If you think that this popular winter trend makes your ankles look facw, we have discovered a few ways to sport them to make them look flattering.

This fall, you can try a number of amazing women ankle boots available out there. To create amazing outfits, you don’t have to own a similar pair. These are inspiration women can use to style their pair of ankle boots.

#1 Tucked

One of the most popular ways to style ankle boots around the globe is tucked version. To flaunt a lean and long leg line, you can also try slipping your pants into your boots. You may feel that most jeans don’t slide enough to create the long-leg look to work. So we suggest going with a long pair of leggings.

#2 Rolled Hem

Ever tried rolled jeans with ankle boots? You can carry a cute look if you wear double cuffed or rolled jeans with ankle boots allowing a little part of your ankle visible. When the skinny areas around your ankle are visible, it keeps the ankles from looking broad.

You can flaunt this look best with skinny jeans. When your wider-legged or straight-legged jeans are rolled, it makes your leg line short.

#3 Cuffed

The best possible way to make your ankles look as slim as possible is by exposing them a little while wearing jeans with ankle boots. And to create a gap between the boots and jeans to show your ankle, you can use a cuffed hem.

If you have a longer pair of jeans, we suggest you try this with that instead of ankle-length jeans. You can also go for a 2-3 inches tall larger cuff to look more flattering.

#4 Half Cuff

One of the most favoured appearances to go with when pairing your boots with jeans is the half cuff. To sport this effortless look elegantly on weekends with friends, go with beautiful beach sunglasses and an oversized tee.

You can make this appearance as effortless as possible by keeping your half cuffs unmatched. We are not saying to keep them at different heights but you can cuff/roll them at insignificantly different angles as well as widths.

This makes them slightly haphazard and the look comes more effortless…
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