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Best gardening gifts

Good gardeners will never refuse a new tool or something they could use in the greenhouse. Of course, it may not be the easiest task for you if you know nothing about gardens or flowers. That’s why you need all the help you can get to make sure you nail the perfect gift for that green-fingered friend of yours. Here are some inspired ideas that will make ideal gifts for gardeners this year.

Old Hand Tools

Just like with devices or anything else out there, the old school is trending again. Even though modern gardening is all about sensors, automatic sprinklers, and everything tech like lawn edger, a true gardener will never say no to a set of classic tools. There’s something that makes them irresistible, and if you’re lucky enough to find some really old-fashioned ones that are still in good shape, success is guaranteed. The years of service together with millions of plants that have been looked after with these tools will add a lot of value to your presents, and that means a lot.

A Set of Glass Victorian Bells

We’re still hovering on the old-school gifts section. Actually, these bells could go perfect with our previous suggestion since it could be a complete package. These stylish glass bells are ideal for protecting the plants against frost and pests, creating the warmth and humidity needed to stimulate growth. They come in various sizes so you can mix and match to make sure you get the best fit for your friend or family member.

Wooden Bird House

We’re still on gardener gifts, don’t worry. Have you ever met a person passionate about gardening that doesn’t also love birds? Exactly! Even though it’s not directly about gardening, a wooden birdhouse is still an awesome gift idea because it will touch the sensitive side of the person that receives it. Since they love nature, gardeners have a natural inclination towards protecting everything natural and taking good care of the birds around the house by providing them shelter and food is the perfect scenario. Help them do that with a stylish-looking birdhouse.

Terracotta Forcer

Continuing our list of perfect gardener gifts, we have a terracotta forcer. Not only it will look great in any garden, but it also has incredible functionality. Thanks to the removable lid, your gardening friends can use it to cover crops like chicory, rhubarb, or asparagus to force them into producing the harvest earlier than usual. It can be used on other plants as well, and the brown-ceramic color creates an excellent contrast with the green leaves.

Potting Gloves

You may think that a pair of potting gloves is the last thing a gardener would need since they get that stuff for themselves. However, if your friend or family member is similar to the people we know, they probably use worn-out gloves because they’re either too attached to them or simply don’t realize it’s time to buy a new pair. There are countless models available out there; trust your inner voice and choose those your friends might like.

Apron with Tool Belt

The apron is a gardener’s best friend. It keeps all the dirt away and allows working without worrying about your clothes. Furthermore, with a tool belt attached, it also makes the job easier because all tools can be stored there while not in use. This saves a lot of time since you won’t have to get up all the time and get a new tool for the next job. Again, you might think this is no-go territory; however, a true gardener can never have too many aprons, so it’s a safe choice if we’re talking about gifts.


These are the best gift ideas for your gardening-passionate friends. Of course, depending on your personal knowledge regarding that person, you can adjust these gifts, combine them or mix them up. Also, if you have a friend that’s a bit chubby and can’t bend down properly to reach the plants, some gym equipment doesn’t seem like a bad idea. However, you should be careful not to hurt their feelings with something too outspoken.

Any other gift ideas that you have already applied? Do you know what is in demand among gardeners? Don’t be afraid to let us know and share your experience with our readers. The comment section is the best way to express yourself!
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