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Cartier love bracelet

Initially, Cartier love bracelets could only be purchased by couples who were ready to surrender the screwdrivers to one another. This bracelet was introduced by Capullo and Cartier as a symbol of romantic love. To cement this, they introduced it to celebrity couples like Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen and Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Life according to Capullo is nothing without love even though it has been commercialized. His value for love drove Capullo in turning this simple bracelet into a significant love bracelet to be worthy of a piece of investment for couples and even singles.

In 2015, this pricey bracelet was one of the top five resold brands on a site known as The Real Real. Furthermore, a sales representative from this site revealed that the site was selling between 10 and 20 bracelets in a month. The representative further said that the bracelets were sold a few minutes later after they were posted on their sales site.

Must know about the Cartier love bracelets

This is one of the most famous and popular pieces of jewelry in the world. In fact, Google registered it as one of the most googled pieces of ornament. Did you know that this glamorous love bracelet was initially designed in the oval shape so as to fit perfectly to a loved one’s wrist? Their design of using secured screwdriver made them be referred to as modern love handcuffs. Their design is intended for both men and women.

Cartier love bracelet was the first piece the designer Aldo Capullo created for Cartier and that is how it ended up to be known as Cartier love bracelet. The first piece was not designed in Cartier’s headquarters in Paris but in New York, the brands’ workshop was back in 1969. The Capullo’s bracelets design was different compared to other bracelets which mostly were specifically chosen to match a specific outfit. With its design, it was basically symbolizing love and was never meant to coordinate with any outfit or suit a particular occasion. It was actually fit to be worn at any time be it during the day or the night.

This love bracelet by Capullo was rumored that there was a time Cartier had a policy that only allowed couples to purchase the love bracelet. The original bracelets were made of silver and plated gold. However, the company later produced versions of solid gold which continued to do quite well.

In 1979, the diamond-studded love bracelet was first introduced to the market. The company created serial numbers for the Cartier love bracelet to curb the cases of counterfeits. The unique number engraved on each and every bracelet is safely kept on a file for future reference. The bezel of Cartier’s Santos watch are the inspirations behind the distinction round screws. They beautifully decorate the love bracelet coming up with an impressive design.

Due to the nature of opening these love bracelets with the help of a screwdriver, there are hospitals in Newyork city that have the screwdrivers to help patients who may need to go for emergency surgeries or other forms of treatment that requires one to remove all the jewelries on their bodies. Another challenge that one can face while wearing this love bracelet is at the airport where an individual is required to remove all the metal objects in his/her body so as to pass a security check.

How to perfectly fit in your Cartier love bracelet

Experienced difficulties sizing a Cartier love bracelet? Well, you are not alone. A lot of people find it to be a little bit tricky and one of the reasons that make them fit differently compared to other bracelets is its iconic design. Its unique shape has made people wonder how this beautiful bracelet is worn. To be on the safe side while purchasing a Cartier love bracelet is to measure the size of the wrist you intend to wear it.

There are two options to go about it. The first is by using a standard measuring tape around your wrist to come up with a precise figure. Alternatively, you can calculate in reverse by using a bracelet that fits you perfectly and measures its length across. From there, add 1.5cm to the number and the size number you get is what Cartier recommends you wear. However, there are people who prefer it tighter and in that case, you can just add 1cm. If you prefer it to be loose, then you can add 2cm and it will fit you just the way you like it. This formula is perfect if you are looking for a perfect size of a Cartier love bracelet.

Qualities of Cartier love bracelet

Planning to sell your Cartier love bracelet today? Currently, it ranges somewhere between £60,000 to £11,000. Your potential earning from a resale is mostly influenced by its size, metal type, and its overall style. Check out the guide below to see the factors that can ultimately affect the cost of reselling your love bracelet:

Metal type

When the Cartier love bracelet was first introduced, it came in yellow gold plating alone. This was way back in 1969. Since then, it has really expanded into solid yellow, white and rose gold. The other colors came with a diverse array of different metal types. However, the classic yellow gold remained in the lead as the most sort-after metal type when it comes to Cartier love bracelet. This means that it has the highest resale value in the market. Rose gold Cartier love bracelet is the second on the list. This trending bracelet has become popular and it’s a favorite to many making its resale value substantially high. The white gold is actually a favorite to many but its demand is not very high yet.


The combination of a myriad of diamond and gemstone is what is now offered in Cartier love bracelets. Although they have broken the traditions, this is their way of staying on top of the trends in the market. The place of screws, the pave version is now covered thoroughly covered with amethyst stones. The Cartier love bracelet with gemstones is more expensive compared to the classic love bracelet. Furthermore, the classic Cartier love bracelet is quite popular compared to the Cartier love bracelet with diamond.


Over time, there are a series of love bracelet models that Cartier has released. This has created the opportunity for diverse different styles and trends. In February 2017, Cartier released a thinner version of the love bracelet diverting away from its iconic design. The previous one was locked with a screwdriver but the new version symbolized independence and self-love by using a love line which included a self-fasting closure.

Determining an authentic love bracelet

A lot of people have tried to mimic the splendor of this awesome Cartier love bracelet. There are ways to check if yours is authentic or just a Cartier love bracelet replica and one of them is by checking its serial number. Another way to check if it is authentic or fake is to closely examine the hallmarks and logos. This is more effective if it is an original piece from way back in the 1970s.

All Cartier love bracelets are stamped with ‘hallmark’ as an indication of the metal quality. To ensure you don’t possess a fake bracelet, the hallmarks are supposed to be on your bracelet, the 18k gold love bracelets should be stamped with an 18k mark or marked with the number 750 and the platinum love bracelets are marked with number 950.

You should also check its overall quality without forgetting to feel its weight as well. Note that an original Cartier love bracelet weighs somewhere between 30 to 38 grams and this weight is determined by the size of the metal. Mostly, fake bracelets are way much lighter and there are instances of discoloration or chipping off on some areas of the bracelet. Finally, make sure the screws of the love bracelet should be perfectly aligned. This is because a renounced brand like Cartier cannot compromise their quality at all.

The bottom line

Cartier love bracelet is of great quality and this automatically makes it special in every way possible. It is actually a treasure and a family heirloom that can be passed from one generation to another. For sure this bracelet is worth your investment and do not hesitate to invest your money in this iconic bracelet for you and your loved ones.

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