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Diabetic? Struggling to lose weight? Follow these 5 steps to shed the extra pounds

One thing at the top of every diabetics list is maintaining a healthy weight. Often, people with diabetes are already overweight – so the goal of losing the unhealthy excess weight is quickly put at the top of the list.

The downside to doing this? Many people don’t know the proper way to implement diet and lifestyle changes into their routines without worsening their condition or setting themselves up for failure and relapse of old behaviors.

It’s easy to get off track, so here are five easy ways to make progressive movements towards losing pounds and maintaining a healthy weight.

1. Try different types of diets

It can be pretty challenging for a person with diabetes to know what kinds of foods are right for them. A few diets to try out are the Vegan, Vegetarian and DASH diet.

Vegans eat nothing but plant-based meals and whole grains. There are two types of vegans: those who eat cooked foods and those who only eat steamed/raw foods. Both versions have tasty outcomes; you just have to choose which is better for your lifestyle.

Vegetarians have the option to be strictly vegetarian or what is known as the pescetarian. A strict vegetarian would eat products that may contain milk and eggs, but they don’t consume these products alone. A pescetarian is someone who eats fish and seldom eats eggs and dairy alone.

The DASH diet is an acronym for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.” This method helps to lower blood pressure. You have to be mindful of foods that are high in salt/sodium, red meat and sugar (added and natural sugars) as these diet no-go’s contribute to the already increased risk of heart disease in diabetics.

The best thing to start with when choosing this method is eating foods high in fiber as they’re heart healthy and packed with the nutrients you body needs.

Either of these would be suitable for a diabetic needing to maintain a healthy weight.

2. Get enough sleep to reset the body

When you sleep, your body naturally resets. Having quality rest gives your body time to do work that is more complicated when you’re awake moving around. Not only that, but you need rest to fight off illness and stress. Prioritizing sleep with the way you eat will help your body burn calories and maximize energy for the next day!

3. Stay active every day

Some may think that staying active is essential solely for burning calories, but it also helps to lower stress and enhance the release of endorphins throughout your body. Being stressed will naturally make you lose sleep and lose focus on your eating habits.

If you work out, go hiking, or take daily strolls you’re more likely to boost your energy and lower stress levels. Burning calories is just an added bonus.

4. Drink triple the recommended amount of water

Health experts say it’s best to drink eight glasses of water per day – not fruit juice or diet drinks, but water. Did you know that diet drinks have added artificial sweeteners that can raise your blood pressure and even make you gain unnecessary weight?

If you stick to water, and plenty of it, not only will you maintain a healthy weight but you’ll stay hydrated throughout the day, too.

5. Write down your calorie intake

A great habit to form is keeping a health journal – it comes in handy when you have to meet with your nutritionist or physician. You can also use this journal as a way to reflect on your progress and task lists.

A health journal is a great way to keep up with your favorite recipes and calorie count to look back on when grocery shopping. While you’re at it, jot down your weight loss progress too!

Losing weight can be a challenge – especially when you’ve been stuck in a routine of bad habits for so long, but follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way towards a healthier you and a slimmer physique.

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