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Fashion accessories to lift up your style quotient

Accessories are the key to completing any look. Without them, one would look plain and boring. Even if you go out for a casual lunch in your jeans, wearing a scarf or taking a stylish handbag can totally change your look. Accessories can even be used to downplay an outfit. For example, you have a flashy shirt which is too bold – wear a few simple accessories to tone down your look and you’re good to go! Fashion choices not only determine how you look, but they showcase your personality as well. They can label you as sophisticated, classy, funky or whatever you would like to be seen as. For those of you who don’t have a good fashion sense, you can always confer with experts. This article is also a guide to help you pick out the perfect accessories.

Watches: Keep pace with fashion trends

The irony about watches is that the inevitable use of smartphones in this generation has erased the need to buy watches for checking the time. But even then, not only does everyone still wear a watch, people spend hundreds of dollars to buy fancy Rolex or Cartier watches. Whether it’s an informal event or a formal one, you’ll notice everyone wearing a good watch on their wrist. Why is that so? Watches have become more of a fashion accessory than being used for the original purpose they were made for – keeping track of time. They come in so many different sizes, colours, styles, bands etc. A slim, stainless steel watch will improve your personality and look by making you seem like a sophisticated, knowledgeable person. If you’re going for a more serious look, you can purchase a black leather watch for formal events. Some watches even come with various bands, so for those who like to experiment and keep changing their look, you can buy one of those. This will add a more fun component to your look.

Scarves and jackets for extra oomph

A good scarf can never go wrong. Scarfs can be worm for different purposes: to add colour and style to your outfit, downplay your look, or simply be worn as an extra accessory. A scarf goes with everything – power suits, skirts, casual tops, jumpsuits. Scarves that are colourful and eye-catching will take attention away from your top to the scarf, so they are best to wear with a simple outfit. They can look very charismatic if worn the right way. However, a lot of people don’t like the feeling of having something tied to their neck. (I can testify to that) In that case, you can always substitute a jacket to complete your look. Usually, jackets are made for winters such as woollen overalls and puffa jacket. Fortunately, you can also find jackets made of linen, cotton or silk to wear in the summer as well. It is easy to pair a jacket with your outfit, so just match whatever you like best with your clothing. Also, if you’re not sure about what to wear, just go with a coat. It eliminates the need to find a perfectly matching outfit and looks very graceful.

Shoes for comfort and class

Ever been in an awkward situation where you keep looking down? What’s the first thing you’re bound to notice? The other person’s shoes. And believe it or not, your shoes can make a pretty lasting first impression. They are not only worn for comfort, shoes are another important fashion accessory, for both men and women. If you’re wearing red-soled Louis Vuitton’s, people are bound to remember you as a classy person. But if you don’t have the right shoes to go with even the prettiest of outfits, all your efforts to look good will have gone in vain. Of course, comfort should play a vital part when buying a pair of shoes. People who prefer comfort will go with flats and platform shoes. A casual dress also goes perfectly with tie-up shoes or Greek sandals. Unfortunately for ladies, looking classy at a formal event comes at a price. Even though good quality heels have a better comfort level, they will still prove to be painful if worn for more than a few hours. The solution to this is that you can wear wedges or kitten heels for a bit added comfort. However, wearing heels does bear its benefits as they make you look taller and attractive. Every girl should have a lot of different pairs of heels in her closet.

Hats for every season

There’s a misconception that hats are out-dated. You must have noticed the elite class anywhere in the world always wears hats. Go to the race course and you’ll find out. They add a ladylike touch to your attire. The best example is that of a British Royal Family. At the recent wedding of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle, hats were a compulsory part of the dress code, which just goes to show that the Royals wear hats on every special occasion. It is true that hats were commonly worn in the previous centuries. The French wear berets, whereas the British women go for a bit more complex, wider hats. For those of you who like to be a little ‘extra’, you can wear a fedora, boater, cartwheel or a floppy hat. These are available in a variety of colours and look great with any outfit, whether casual or formal.

Get some bling on with jewellery

Jewellery has always been in fashion since the beginning of time. Rare materials like gold and platinum enhance the look of jewellery but also come with a hefty price tag. Mostly, people purchase such expensive jewellery when they get married, or the rich have a collection of jewels. However, for the common people, there are many substitutes. German silver and artificial metals can give almost about the same look without emptying your pockets. People who love to wear a lot of jewellery usually opt for this option. There are so many different kinds of styles too: multi-layered neckpieces, chunky statement necklaces, small and large earrings, beaded and charm bracelets and Middle Eastern headpieces. Strings of pearls are very popular with Asians. The trick to wearing the right jewellery is wearing that which can make even a simple dress look exquisite and elegant. These days, midi and layered finger rings are in fashion. From professional models on the runway to the common girl, you’ll see a lot of those. Cuff bracelets and choker necklaces also make a bold fashion statement. All you need to do is see what goes with your outfit and whether your outfit needs toning down or glamming up. It is always best to have a sizeable jewellery collection to go with your closet.

Bags! Bags! And more bags!

A lady never leaves the house without a handbag. It is the most vital accessory that you can frankly put, not survive without. I mean where would you put your makeup? Or snacks and notebooks? Not only is it something to carry all the things you need for a day out, a good bag is also a fashion accessory. Women have huge collections of bags; Chanel, Gucci, Kate Spade, you name it! They’re willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars. That is because bags make a statement. Choose the wrong bag, and you could completely ruin your look as well. Various kinds of handbags include tote bags, shoulder bags, sling bags, bucket bags, fanny packs, transparent plastic bags, purses, clutches, biba bags and the list is never-ending. Bags made of cotton and jute with thread work have also been introduced recently. They are popular because of their intricate design and are usually seen in the Middle East and India because they are made here due to cheap and skilled labour. If you are from there, you can wear these with traditional and colourful dresses. Even if you pair them with a simple outfit, they will add colour and life to it because of their vibrancy. If you’re a fan of clutches, buy metal and silk ones to complete your outfit. Tote bags can be used when going for a casual look with day to day outfits for school, work or running errands. Vanity bags that are small in size instantly add elegance to your look.

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