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Fun activities for young couples

If you just got married or have been in the marriage for a few years and you are feeling like boredom is slowly setting in, this article is meant for you. Apart from dinners at your favourite restaurant, enjoying drinks at a nearby bar or just chilling in the house because you don’t feel like going out, there are so many fun activities you can do as a couple. You can even plan for fun activities and invite other young couples around the circle of your friends to join you.

Sometimes, doing something out of ordinary is all you need to make a positive impact on your relationship. However, the will to make such a move may be there but coming up with the ideas may pose a big challenge. That’s why someone went out of their way to gather fun activities that young couples can enjoy together. So, if you desire to take your relationship to a higher romantic level, consider these fun ideas.

Plan for barbeque

Once in awhile, host a backyard barbeque with two or three other couples. Make sure you plan well and agree on cost-sharing. Buy the items and drinks you will need and prepare the area you intend to make the meals. Every couple should be given a role. Nothing has to be perfect. The idea here is not to make the most delicious meal but to have fun as young couples. It’s also a great moment to learn something different as you enjoy your partner’s company.

Wrap up the dinner with a bonfire and surround the fire as you share intimate stories like how you first met, your honeymoon experience, your best moments as a couple and so on. If it’s a long weekend, you can also bring your camping tents and pass the night as you count the stars. So romantic, right? You can’t go wrong with food and romance. They have been linked together throughout history. However, if you have kids, make sure they are safe so that you don’t keep on worrying about them instead of celebrating the moment.

Prepare for a sports activity

Do you have couple friends who are obsessed with physical exercises? Well, they are a perfect match if you are looking for other couples to join you at a sports event. Let’s take like a marathon. It will require lots of training, preparation and commitment if you are to succeed. Therefore, it means you will spend ample time together as you run and rest together doing what you enjoy the most. That can create a strong bond between each couple and as a group as well. You will also achieve your physical exercise goals. You see, it’s a win-win situation to every participant.

Take a trip to a new destination

Marriage is not about living together with your partner and going out for dinner once in a while. Such a routine can turn out to be very boring as the years go by. Hence, you need to do something new and fun now and then. A trip to a new place can be very fulfilling. You can even decide you are doing a road trip and enjoy all the thrill that comes with road trips. If it’s far and time is not on your side, a flight can also serve the purpose. Involve every couple and decide in unison on the destination to try out. Since none of you has been to the place you are going, make sure you do the necessary research and ensure you have what it takes to be there. Also, carry all that you will need to make your trip comfortable. Most importantly, take lots of photos, they will help you document all those beautiful moments.

Try meditation

Life is full of hustles and bustles. After all, we have to pay bills and meet other responsibilities. So, why not try meditation with your other couple friends? It will greatly assist you to unwind and relax. The peace and the calmness it brings will help you lead a balanced lifestyle. There is nothing sweet in a marriage like a peaceful home.

Plan a baking competition

If you trust your baking skills, invite other couples who also trust their baking skills and compete with them. Prepare your recipes and the ingredients needed in advance. Also, get non-biased judges who will oversee the competition. When the day comes, set the time, grab your aprons and get to work. After the competition, make sure you make a toast to the winner couple. Continue with the celebration by eating the other cakes, drinking your favourite wines, watching moving or just relaxing as you gossip about everything in the universe. Remember to plan for the next competition as well. If you didn’t win, take your time to polish your baking skills and who knows, next time you may take the lead. However, the goal of such competitions should not be about outsmarting the others but bringing together couples with the same likes to do what they love the most.

Celebrate special days together

It is very romantic to celebrate a special day with your spouse but it’s even merrier when you have other two or three other couples joining you. There is so much you can do together. For instance, if the party is taking place at the poolside area, you can enjoy your wine while in the water as you enjoy each other’s company. You can also do other fun activities like riding bicycles, hiking, visiting a museum, camping etc. So, next time you are celebrating your anniversary, graduation, birthday or any other special day, remember to invite other couples. It will be so much fun.


With these couples activities, your relationship will never know boredom. Which of them is on your to-do list? All of them are amazing to try out. It is okay if some turn out better than others, the ultimate goal here is to enjoy each other’s company, create memorable moments and rekindle your love life. Love is sweet and it is worth all those celebrations.

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