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Grunge aesthetic – Blending the 90s grunge fashion into today’s clothing world

Grunge fashion has been growing in popularity since the early 1990s and is now hotter than ever. This appreciation of the power of the grunge style is reflected in more than just clothing styles, but also in accessories and hairstyles and interior design trends and in the media. So many current television series and movies are set in the past, and the music scene also reflects several era-based subcultures, from swing to rockabilly.

This prevalence in popular media has translated to increased demand by consumers. Great value is placed on owning a piece of the past that can be enjoyed now and will likely outlive new fashion fads that come and go.

The fact is, grunge items are known for quality, durability, craftsmanship and timeless design, so it’s no wonder there has been such a reemergence of these styles among those with distinguished and exacting tastes.

What Truly Defines The Grunge Aesthetic?

The term grunge describes items that authentically reflect a definable time period that falls within the past 20 to 30 years. Grunge clothing can be original pieces as well as those recreated from salvaged textiles or just newly manufactured in grunge style. Authentic grunge clothing is from the period, is constructed from quality materials and features fine detailing and remarkable craftsmanship. Most grunge textiles come from natural sources and include pure silk, cotton, wool and linen, and many use unique and whimsical patterns that remind us of the past times.

Grunge fashion is appreciated by individuals from all walks of life, from consumers to performers, but authentic grunge designs are also sought after by collectors who view these items as small investments. There is also a market for hobbyists who specialize in reviving well-made pieces, repairing damage and wear and then restoring or repurposing these items for personal enjoyment or for resale.

Some mainstream retailers have tried to harness the grunge fashion trend by attempting to mass-produce clothing that has some elements of grunge styling; however, history buffs and grunge collectors typically demand authentic items.

Grunge Clothing in the Fashion World

The contemporary fashion world continues its love affair with grunge flashbacks. Runways are showing off polka dots, color blocking and metallics. Models strut on the catwalk in boots with buckles, chunky costume jewelry and lots of velvet and lace detailing. These styles are showing up on the street in such forms as metallic brocade and velvet from the 90s to pencil skirts and sequins that were popular even before. There are splashes of grunge to be seen everywhere you go!

How to Wear Grunge Fashion

In other to wear grunge fashion without appearing to be dressed in a costume, finding a careful balance is key. Pick a focal point. For example, if you start with a contemporary basic, choose grunge accessories as accents. If you opt for a grunge piece as your focal point, then accent with modern jewelry.

To express your love for grunge every day and create a modern grunge blend, stock up on modern basics and grunge accessories like beaded jewelry, patterned scarves, funky shoes and fantastic hats. There are lots of ways to create a distinctive, stylish look without spending a fortune. Just keep an eye out for charming accessories wherever you go, keeping in mind that grunge character can be added with something as simple as ribbons, lace, ruffles and even feathers.

Incorporating grunge flair into your wardrobe can be fun, affordable and suited to any occasion. The key is finding a proper mix of grunge and modern elements that complement each other to create a balanced, tasteful look.
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