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How to get a body like Jennifer Lawrence has now

It’s no secret that the body shape of Jennifer Lawrence has turned into a killer physique and it’s really getting a lot of attention. Achieving such a mystique body shape doesn’t require supernatural abilities. Jennifer Lawrence transformed her own body by just following a few simple tips from her former trainer Delton Wong. She met him on the set of X-men and he was able to change her body to that movie and also gave her the skills to change her life.

Find out what were the slimming secrets so that you can also find out ways to fry flab fast in different ways:

1. Hydration

Most are the times you mistake hunger for thirst. This is because if you still feel hungry and you choose water instead of a second helping, you will now feel full and satisfied. Moreover, drinking water is a good way to help you feel full and instead eat a little less. You don’t have to do this all the time but having water throughout the day to stay hydrated is essential.

2. Get enough sleep

Those times you feel fatigued is a way of your body communicating to you and asking you to rest. It doesn’t matter all the activities you need to accomplish by the end of the day, just have a power nap and you will wake up more relieved. Actually getting enough sleep is one way to help you lose weight. According to the European journal of clinical nutrition, people who were deprived of sleep gobbled about 385 more calories in a day! This is enough reason to let your body to recharge. This way, your body will be able to function properly as it is supposed to.

3. Control your food portion

Controlling your food portion is the key. In fact, Jennifer Lawrence is obsessed with food be it pizza, fries, fried chicken, name them. Do you know what she does with all these cravings? She really knows how to enjoy them in moderation without necessarily giving any of them up. To do this the best way possible is to observe the rule of two that Jennifer Lawrence was taught by Wong next time you choose to eat out. For example, if you are hungry choose a starter and main entrée and if you are trying to lose weight, ask for two starters instead of a main. For those people with a sweet tooth, a main and then share a dessert will be okay and if you really want to lose weight you can choose an appetizer and then share a dessert.

4. Work out is essential

Exercising is very important if you want to lose weight or even maintain the one you have currently. Whether it’s sports or a gym class, making it fun is the way to go. This is because if you like what you do, it won’t feel like you are actually exercising and before you realize it, you are even addicted to it. This is how Jennifer Lawrence got her toned and hot body, one that body painting artists fantasize applying a body paint on her nude full body to turn her into a goddess and a masterpiece.

5. Intellectual indulging

Choosing to deprive yourself of your favorite fare is not a good thing if your aim is to lose weight. However, indulging in an intelligent way will be of great help in your weight loss journey. Actually, Jennifer was advised by Wong to occasionally have 75 percent dark chocolate but not all the time. This way, you will get something you want like a little bit of dark chocolate instead of craving for a whole bar of chocolate. Did you know that dark chocolate is filled with flavonols that can help you reduce your body fat and fight inflammation? There you have it!

6. Having drinks

You don’t have to deprive yourself of all the good things in life just because you are losing weight. Imagine you could have a drink or two without suffering from a beer belly. However, there are tricks that could help you more. Wong, the trainer to Jennifer Lawrence, bits of advice that you can choose ultra brat champagne to cut down on sugar. You can also order clear spirits with water-based mixers, sip organic wines and micro-brewed beer over traditional ones or even choose to dilute your drinks. Follow these tips and enjoy your weight loss journey.

7. Avoid stress

De-stressing is not only useful for your mental health but also to your healthy life. As you do some sort of movement, eat the correct amount of food you need to manage your lifestyle and stress level in general. A published study in the journal obesity shares that middle-aged people who are prone to chronic stress had a significantly higher risk of becoming overweight or even obese as compared to their low-stress counterparts.

8. Work on your posture

One thing that automatically makes you feel better is your body posture. Wong worked on Jennifer’s full body posture to make her feel more confident. One type of exercise that Wong referred to as bread and butter was the t-bird. For you to do it you just need to bend your knees slightly with your knees over your ankles and push back your hips. Let your arms hang down and turn your thumbs out with your thumbs out. Your body shape should be able to create a t-shape when you raise your arms. Squeeze your shoulder blades between and keep your core engaged, perform this move in just a minute.

9. Work hard

Jennifer Lawrence is quite hardworking and even Wong, her trainer does not hesitate to mention this. Just learn to balance your personal and work life in the best way possible. Manage your lifestyle, manage your stress and enjoy your life responsibly. If you put commitment to your life and career, you will definitely achieve all those that your heart desires. When you put all these things together then you automatically become a healthy and balanced person.

These tips will also be amazing

The impeccable posture and sexy body of Jennifer Lawrence are hard to ignore. Did you know that this Oscar winner hates to diet and even restrict herself? It all began during when she starred in X-men. Her role required her to maintain a body shape that most probably required a lot of diet control. Her trainer Wong directed her to a path that she follows up to date. Wong has also published a book titled ‘The feel-good plan: happier, healthier and slimmer in 15 minutes a day’. You can as well read it and achieve the body size you desire. This book will teach you how to eat, move and live a happy and healthier life and who knows, you may thank him later.

If you desire to have the Jennifer Lawrence body shape, then you need to understand the things you need to do in terms of changing your lifestyle. This way, you will shed the fab without pressure and feeling weak. To achieve this, why don’t you try these tips and see how it goes.

1. Everyday 15-minute workout

There is no point in excusing yourself due to time. Gone are days you thought you must have a whole hour to just do exercises. Now you just need 15 minutes of power circuits. Wong has talked and demonstrated these workouts which he has also done with Jennifer Lawrence and for sure you can predict the results.

2. Body weight training

Do you know what bodyweight training is? You are basically required to lift yourself other than lifting weights such as dumbbells, and barbells which may not be your thing. This one requires no weights or machines but it’s equally super effective. You just need to do 3 sets of 15 reps of lunges, squats, jumping squats, plies, push-ups, planks, jumping jacks, calf raises, wall sits, donkey kicks and hip thrusts. If you do this, you will have achieved a full body workout using your body weight and muscle strength.

3. Run or simply walk

This is very good for people who struggle to wake up in the morning. During the time Jennifer trained with Wong, he would encourage her to go for a run or just walk in the lap of nature. This was a good way for her and you to shake off all the sleep and get ready for the day fully energized. Do you know why this is possible? It is because walking and running will help you release the feel-good hormones that keep you happy and productive during the day.

4. Relax after workout

This is very important. After you have successfully completed a workout, make it a habit to rest and relax in every workout. Jennifer Lawrence does this as well; she actually does the Ujjain pose just to help relieve her body. If you do this as well, you will be able to sleep better and more resilient. You will also be able to train and work the following day. This really makes sense because mostly after exercising, you may feel tired and so when you relax, you will recharge your body.

5. Snack healthy

Did you know that snacking is a huge part of most of your food habits? Well, it is. In fact, if you do not observe what you are snacking, you will never be able to shed those extra pounds you are dying to lose. Although Jennifer Lawrence is a big time foodie, it was important for her to get some few calories from snacks failure to do this; she would have felt weaker and less energetic. More so, this is what she was allowed to snack and she still managed to lose weight.

a) Full-fat Greek yogurt

Wong says that if you are trying to lose weight, it is important to consume full-fat yogurt and milk. It contains twice the protein of regular yogurt and its nutritional profile is richer than low-fat yogurt. This is what will keep you satiated for a longer time.

b) Air-popped popcorn

They are very good especially when you are craving for something crunchy. Wong says that air-popped popcorns have fewer calories as compared to a banana and twice as many antioxidants as any fruit.

c) Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are quite good since they are filling, rich in protein and loaded with vitamins. This is also a good source of choline which is responsible for improving the functions of the brain.

6. Consumption of organic food

Homemade organic food is very essential to human health. Wong’s book’s food charts recommend consumption of homemade organic food. It doesn’t matter whether its ice cream or cake if it’s made in the purest and fewer ingredients, it will turn out to be a very healthy snack. According to Wong, micro-brewed beer is far much better as compared to a pint of beer. You can also opt for apple cider vinegar other than cocktails or you can go for organic red or white wine instead of mulled wine or rose spritzer. How about ultra brut champagne instead of regular ones? You will definitely stay healthy.

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