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3 ways to effortlessly create killer outfits to look and feel your best

Our style demonstrates both our identity and how we want to be perceived. And, it tends to work best when we truly understand that first part and can learn how to project the right image that feels equal parts fresh, on-trend and authentic.

These types of personal, unique looks are what works best. Not only will others be impressed, but you will also really feel like you put together something of which you can be proud. Indeed, you didn’t just copy something you saw online; instead, you did it yourself – and the best part is that this self-assuredness will make it even easier to pull off any outfit perfectly.

They say you need to fake it until you make it. On some level, you may always feel a bit of imposter syndrome when it comes to fashion, but it can really be a confidence boost to feel like you’ve created a killer outfit that’s all your own.

Even so, it’s definitely easier said than done. So how do you pull it off? Well, there are no surefire steps to follow or a paint-by-numbers route to get there. If you follow these simple tips, however, you’ll be well on your way to creating a whole closet full of killer outfits that make you look and feel your best.

1. Always Look for Versatility

If you’re lucky, you may have thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars to buy anything you want. This is a major luxury, and you can own multiple one-off pieces that really only work in a single type of situation. Congratulations!

The rest of us have to be a bit more practical. So try to add items to your wardrobe that will work in a variety of settings. Think of a cardigan. This is great for work, in a formal setting, at brunch, or when it gets windy at the beach. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck when most everything in your closet serves multiple purposes.

2. Don’t Follow Every Trend

It’s fun to walk into a room and know people are envious of your ability to rock the latest trend. If you’re always chasing the latest and greatest, though, you’ll start to look more like a hypebeast who just knows which Instagram pages to follow, rather than someone with any style of their own.

To combat this, try looking in your rearview mirror. The classics are classics for a reason and they never go out of style. Walking into an event in a little black dress, for example, can be a major flex. Everyone else is trying so hard, and meanwhile, you’re just effortlessly looking amazing in comfort with a timeless, elegant presence.

3. Embrace What You Love

We all know someone who has a signature fashion style. This can be truly inspiring and usually works best when it’s not super easy to pinpoint exactly what it is. Of course, there’s a big difference between someone who subtly and consistently matches prints and patterns well compared to someone who literally wears suspenders every day.

Finding what it is you love and what makes you “you” is a lifelong journey. But, hopefully, you already have a good start. Don’t run away from that foundation and try to look like everyone else. Embrace what you like. Do you. The more you do, the more natural and easier it will be to start grabbing items and putting together a killer outfit every day.

Learning How to Effortlessly Create Killer Outfits

As you move forward in your fashion life, try to implement some of this advice. Truthfully, it will simplify everything and give you a few can’t-miss targets to aim for.

Find items that offer a lot of versatility and don’t follow every single trend. Instead, do your best to find what you love and embrace it. If you can put it all together, you can soon stop following others and start creating killer outfits that are all your own.

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