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Nike Air Max

Nike Air Max is a line of shoes that was first released by Nike Inc. in 1987. Tinker Hatfield is the person who first designed the shoe while working for Nike as a product designer. Nike Air technology was created and patented by M. Frank Rudy.

The women’s Nike Air Max shoes are made with significant emphasis so as to provide excellent comfort to the wearer. These shoes have a great deal of cushioning and on top of that, they are firm and supportive. This has been enabled by Flywire cable technology. It is obvious that Nike understands the importance of having breathable shoes and that’s why they have observed just that and other favors on these women’s shoes.

Reasons to buy womens Nike Air Max

1. Breathability

Every woman who is to sports and other exercises knows just how it is important to wear not only a comfortable shoe but also a shoe they are able to enjoy enough air flow. Nike Air Max perhaps is a product range you can get a shoe with such specifications and functionality. Although not all types of shoes accomplish this goal, the largest number, however, goes extreme. Most of these shoes offer a great amount of airflow ensuring the cushioning of the shoe does not hinder this.

2. Comfort

Women, who don’t like comfort? Although women are crazy about fashion, comfort is always a priority. Nike Air Max womens shoes provide amazing comfort to every woman wearing these shoes. The Air Max Unit provide a cushioning sensation that is just unique. The wearer will have the feeling of walking in the air. This happens because the technology of sculpted cushion midsole makes sure any shock from the ground in minimized to a lower degree. The shoes are comfortable for sure. However, there are women who will be put off due to the separation felt between their feet and the ground. If you are not among them, then these shoes will serve you perfectly.

3. Style

Every woman would definitely want to wear a pair of shoe that is style. Nike Air Max have already put this into consideration and that is why their shoes come in different color schemes. Of course, white and black are most preferred but the range also contains Nike Air Max in gold, red, pink and blue. This gives you a chance to choose your best. The general style of these shoes is just impressive. Nike Air Max still has the most fashionable running shoes for women in the market.

4. Durability

With all the above impressive features, these shoes are also durable. They have an addition of multiple protective cushion layers that highly contribute to their durability.

5. Protection

These shoes offer great protection to the wearer. A pair of shoe that will give you protection on top of comfort is best to wear.

Nike women’s air max Sasha trainers

If you are a woman who wants to pick up the pace in comfort and style, then these Nike women’s Air Max Sasha Trainers will do just that. It is specially designed to ensure you enjoy a day long comfort as you do your workouts. Its features include:

  • Superior durability due to textile upper with overlays
  • A sock-like fit and feel due to its bootie construction
  • IU midsole to give the wearer lightweight comfort
  • It has a very durable rubber outsole to offer support and traction

Nike Air Max 97 Womens Silver Running shoes

This is quite a unique shoe. Actually, it is truly a revolutionary shoe. Its inspiration comes from water ripples in a pond. This overall quality is just amazing. It has also gone through a number of significant changes and so a review would be important.

The story behind this shoe

This shoe was premiered for the first time in 1997. Back then, the model featured a full-length air max cushioning but this feature didn’t put the shoe down. It continued to stand out amidst competition. Up to date, Nike Air Max has continued to go through some impressive remodeling which has led to its perfection. Therefore, the present Nike Air Max 97 SE is not only eye-catching but is also one of the most comfortable shoes around.


  • This shoe is entirely made of synthetic leather and that is why its durability cannot be questioned.
  • It has the ability to stand harsh weather and climatic conditions.
  • Its sole is made of suede. This gives it the ability of speed it requires. It also gives the shoe an extra boost and swiftness in the air.
  • It has a unique class since it is a brand of Nike.


This shoe is also durable. It’s suede material actually increases its durability as well as its efficiency. It also gives your feet a feeling of comfort as you work out. Those who have had the privilege of already wearing it agree that it is durable because they have really enjoyed the product even after several months of usage.

Nike Air Max 97 SE is specifically designed for ladies. Due to this fact, it is able to boost their speed and provide positive results.

The shoe has good ventilation. In fact, it is more ventilated than a house on a sunny and windy afternoon! But this is only applicable if you go for the right size. The shoe’s ventilation is from the pores that allow air to flow consistently.

One impressive feature about this shoe is that it comes in style. Imagine they come with an 18 color range to pick from? They are quite fashionable which makes them a choice of every woman. In fact, most women agree to its impressive trendiness. The good thing is that its trendiness, style, and fashion comes with a lot of comforts. Most consumers have really liked this shoe in terms of how the feet feel while inside even after several hours of working out. This is an awesome shoe for great walks.

The Nike Air Max 97 SE gives the wearer a very easy time. This is because it is contoured with a soft pad which really makes it comfortable for any woman who wants to jog wearing it or simply wearing it for a casual outing.

This shoe is no doubt made up of high-quality material. Why? This is because it is made using a combination of leather, synthetic leather and fabric mesh. Nike Air Max 97 is indeed a sophisticated lifestyle piece which will also give you a great running experience. As a woman, you won’t be disappointed, remember this shoe was specifically designed to cater to the needs of women with their delicate feet.

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