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Picking your perfect diamond shape

Diamond shapes are often confused for the cut, but it is easy enough to tell the two apart. Cut refers to the complex and skilled shaping of the diamond into a format that allows it to throw out maximum light without permitting any of the known flaws or inclusions in the stone to interfere with the look of the stone.

Cut into a Shape

The shape – which is the end result of the cut – is the superficial silhouette of the stone, for example, a princess cut – which involves many facets, careful layering, and rendering the stone into a certain depth, and perfectly symmetrical width and length – leaves the diamond in a square shape. Often, a stone’s shape is referred to as the name of the cut, as these are much more evocative and attractive than the names for shapes that most people learn at nursery school!

What Shapes are There?

The most common shape for a diamond is the round brilliant cut, which is a circle when seen from above, but a traditional diamond shape when seen from the side. This shape is popular because it maximizes the light refracted inside and from the diamond.

Princess cut diamonds are square, but again, cut into multiple facets to maximize refraction and sparkle.

Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular and usually flat – a good way to emphasize the good points of a shallow slab-like diamond.

Cushion cut diamonds are softly squared plump stones that look every good when set as earrings, in a ring, as a pendant and even in a diamond bracelet.

Oval diamonds are elegant, and when set in a ring can make the fingers of the wearer look long and slender.

Marquise diamonds are also ovals, but with pointed ends, rather like a rugby ball. They are excellent in small rings or set into neckbands for an ostentatious and yet stylish look.

Pear cut diamonds are perhaps the least popular of the popular cuts, possibly because it is an asymmetric design, forming a teardrop shape.

Trinity cut diamonds, also known as trillion cut, are triangular and make unusual yet beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Finally, heart shaped diamonds are a fairly new cut, and they are very popular with romantic couples looking to visibly show their love for one another.

Which One to Choose?

The shape of diamond that you choose can be determined by the purpose of the diamond – look for diamonds of all shapes, sizes, colors, and cuts here: – or simply by your own personal preference. A diamond bracelet usually has smaller stones set into it, but they can be any shape you like, as long as the jeweler is confident that they can set and mount the diamond securely. Diamond studs, pendants and rings can usually be designed in a way that ensures the scintillation and sparkle of the stone is shown off to its best, as well as retaining the stone securely, and taking the customers’ preferences into account. The choice is yours!

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