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Top 5 stylish outfits for little girls on royal/traditional occasions

Destination weddings. Indian festivals. Royal gatherings. What do all these events have in common? Colours. The colourful aura of these traditional events is a part of our lives as some of the most memorable occasions. A large variety of subtle hues fills the atmosphere around us with joy, excitement and a generic sense of happiness. This variety is evident in the decorations that you see, the food that you eat, and the clothes that you wear.

Good dressing sense in such events holds almost equal importance as the event itself. The attendees of such events typically dress up in lavish and regal attires for long photogenic sessions. If you are planning on attending such an event with your kids, make sure that they have the right attire prepared for the event.

Dress your little girls up in these traditional attires to add a regal flavour to their overall aesthetics.

The Classic Indian Saree

Little girls look extremely adorable in almost all the different types of clothes that they wear. However, they especially look cute in the classic Indian sarees. Several branded clothing manufacturers are bringing innovative, flowery, and extremely ornamental design schemes to make comfortable sarees for kids.

If you are going to buy a mini cute saree for your little girl, always choose a reliable apparel manufacturer for the same. The sarees designed for little girls are special for the following reasons.

  • They Are Extremely Comfortable
    Ideally, you should always prioritize the comfort of your little girl over everything else. The trendy outfits specifically designed for little girls are made from durable and lightweight materials that are functional and attractive in nature.
  • They Are Easy to Wear
    Every woman knows that wearing a saree is a huge task. For ladies that do not know how to drape a saree correctly, it may take them anywhere between 15 minutes to well over an hour to drape a saree without help. The kids’ clothing manufacturers design the saree in a way that makes it easy for the parents to help their kids put it on. Such sarees are extremely nifty for hyperactive kids who just wouldn’t stay put while getting ready for a party.
  • They Last for a Long Period
    Kids are great at doing one thing. Being carefree. The free-spirited kids are typically the ones who enjoy the most and do not care about their clothes getting dirty. In such situations, their dresses often get spoilt. The best kids’ clothing manufacturers create highly durable dresses for their customers. These dresses are easy to maintain and they last for years to come.

The classic Indian saree has a timeless design. Every stylish little girl should have at least a couple of branded, comfortable, and durable sarees in her cupboard.

Dhoti and Kurta

The 60s-inspired traditional dhoti and kurta attire is perfect for almost all kinds of traditional occasions. Here are a few benefits offered by such outfits for little girls.

  1. Lightweight and Airy
    The adjustable, lightweight, and comfortable fit of a dhoti kurta is one of the primary reasons why it is a staple dressing style for most Indians. As discussed earlier, a strong focus on comfort is extremely important while selecting outfits for little girls.
    The dhoti kurta combination has a free-spirited light-foot feel to it. Therefore, they are ideal for royal events where your kids can feel free to break a leg.
  2. Excellent Colour Retention
    The dhotis and kurtas from a branded manufacturer are designed ergonomically. They will easily retain their colour, shape, as well as size even after rough usage. You can easily wash them with heavy detergents, and they will still retain their overall aesthetic appeal for years.
  3. Extendable Size
    Kids grow extremely fast, especially the ones between the ages of 5 and 16. Therefore, they often outgrow their clothes within a couple of months. It does not make sense for you to buy an extremely costly piece of clothing just to throw it away in a few months. Therefore, you should buy clothes that are slightly larger than your kid’s current size.
    The best part about the reliable and long-lasting dhoti-kurta is that they are made using elastic materials. They can easily last for 2 years and still provide a snug fit for your kids. Some manufacturers also build an inseam with the clothes that you can unfold to extend the size of the dress.

The Long Indian Lehenga

While talking about the royal children outfits, we just cannot miss out on the royal Indian lehengas. Comfortable and stylish lehengas for kids are the go-to choice for all adults and kids when they are looking for traditional clothes. Women cannot resist the flowy and natural allure of a beautiful lehenga.

Over the past couple of years, the fashion industry has brought some of the fanciest and innovative design schemes for the royal children outfits. Also, the steep reduction in manufacturing costs has helped the top clothing manufacturers focus on creating trendy designs at affordable prices. Some of the key differentiators of the long Indian lehengas include:

  • A Long, Comfortable, and Flowy Design
    The best Indian lehengas have an extremely snug fit. They have an uncanny flowy design that replicates a cascading waterfall. Such designs look extremely pretty on tall girls. However, the right kind of design schemes, look great on kids as well.
  • Access to a Large Variety of Accessories
    Today, you can easily access a large collection of nifty accessories online that go together with the best lehenga designs. The right use of these accessories can help you change the overall appeal of the dress within a few seconds. You can easily buy colourful and royal dupattas, jewellery, as well as the right shoes to accentuate the overall look of the dress further.
    Ideally, when you are buying outfits for little girls, you should always aim at buying a complete outfit that includes jewellery, makeup, shoes, dress, as well as accessories. You always have the liberty to mix and match these items with the other accessories that you might already have. However, buying a complete outfit in a single shopping spree can help you save tonnes of money as well as time.
  • Adjustable Lengths
    A few modern-day lehengas have a unique design with an adjustable length. You can unfold the inseams of these lehengas to increase their length as your kid grows over the years.

Long Symmetrical Floor-Length Dresses

The long symmetrical floor-length dresses are ideal for royal Christian weddings, sophisticated parties, as well as formal events. Therefore, they hold a multi-purpose value. Every little girl should have at least one silky and comfortable floor-length dress in her cupboard for such occasions. The steely metallic appearance of the most elegant floor-length dresses will catch the attention of every person in the room. The timeless floor-length dresses coupled with a pair of neat necklace and sandals is all that you need to dress your little girl up for an event.

  • Timeless Design
    The floor-length dresses have a unique timeless design that stays intact for years. The best royal baby clothes’ brands manufacture multiple unique designs for such floor-length dresses over the years. An elegant floor-length dress not only looks great but fits snugly over the delicate skin of the kids. Its steely and bold appearance looks almost awe-inspiring for the kids.
  • Minimalistic Approach
    Unlike the other heavy traditional dresses on the list, the floor-length dresses have a minimalistic and neater approach to them. They are extremely simple to work with and have an overall easy-going design. The minimalistic approach of such dresses is hard to replicate in the other options on this list.
  • Mix and Match Combinations
    With the floor-length dresses, you always have the option of coupling them with a variety of different accessories and bottom wear apparel.

Japanese Kimono

If you want to choose slightly unconventional yet royal outfits for little girls, you can always choose the Japanese Kimonos. Lately, the Kimono dresses have been catching a lot of attention in the Indian markets. The top kids’ outfits manufacturers have adopted a hybrid design scheme that picks various traits from the traditional Japanese Kimono dresses and the modern-day clothes.

The unconventional Kimono dresses have a wholesome feeling to them. They provide excellent coverage. Tie your little girl’s hair in the right fashion and your princess will look nothing short of the most precious doll in the world. The bright and bold colours of a Kimono stand out in the crowd and attract the attention of folks.

The silky and formal design approach of the Japanese Kimono dresses is ideal for several sophisticated occasions. With the right accessories, your little girl will look nothing short of a royal doll in the events.

Few Tips on Choosing the Right Royal Outfit for Your Little Girl

While choosing the right royal outfit for your little girl, you should keep a few tips handy. These tips will help you select the perfect outfit.

  • Focus on Comfort
    A snug fit should be on the top of your priority list while choosing the dresses for your little girl. A few traditional dresses are extremely heavy and long. They can easily cause irritation and rashes on the delicate skin of little girls. Make sure that your kid has the opportunity to try a dress first to assess its fit before purchasing one.
  • Choose Branded Clothing Manufacturers
    Always prefer branded clothing manufacturers to purchase dresses that are truly durable and long-lasting.
  • Do Not Choose Dresses with a Lot of Trinkets
    Dresses that have too many shiny trinkets are often difficult to manage. These dresses lose their shine and appeal very quickly compared to the other simpler dresses. While washing these dresses, always read the instructions very carefully.
  • Focus on High-Quality Dresses
    A high-quality traditional dress will cost significantly more compared to a normal dress. However, the investment is worth the price in terms of its durability. High-quality dresses will easily last for a longer period and require minimum maintenance.

Today, you can easily find a large collection of ethnic dresses on some of the most popular online shopping portals for kids. You can rely on these portals to deliver the high-quality dresses right to your doorstep. The top manufacturers never compromise on the materials and dyes used to make these dresses. Instead, they use high-quality materials to increase the overall longevity of the dresses.

The next time you go on a shopping spree, make sure that you check out the various options available on the online shopping portals beforehand. You might easily get a better deal on a high-quality dress with trendy design scheme on such portals.

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