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    Diabetic? Struggling to lose weight? Follow these 5 steps to shed the extra pounds

    One thing at the top of every diabetics list is maintaining a healthy weight. Often, people with diabetes are already overweight – so the goal of losing the unhealthy excess weight is quickly put at the top of the list. The downside to doing this? Many people don’t know the proper way to implement diet and lifestyle changes into their routines without worsening their condition or setting themselves up for failure and relapse of old behaviors. It’s easy to get off track, so here are five easy ways to make progressive movements towards losing pounds and maintaining a healthy weight. 1. Try different types of diets It can be pretty…

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    Entertaining kitchens are in demand

    Kitchens are the heart of the home. Some people say life is created in bedrooms but lives are catered to in the kitchen. Kitchen shows the family’s lifestyle, structure and traditional value. How we serve and decorate our kitchen tells much more about our traits and culture. Kitchen is the place where we could be more energetic, lively and active if it is well taken care of. Similarly, cooking and eating is now considered a time that could be relished and enjoyed with the family. In older days, more importance used to be given to the dining and living rooms. Kitchens were solely meant for cooking. They were the rooms…

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    Fun activities for young couples

    If you just got married or have been in the marriage for a few years and you are feeling like boredom is slowly setting in, this article is meant for you. Apart from dinners at your favourite restaurant, enjoying drinks at a nearby bar or just chilling in the house because you don’t feel like going out, there are so many fun activities you can do as a couple. You can even plan for fun activities and invite other young couples around the circle of your friends to join you. Sometimes, doing something out of ordinary is all you need to make a positive impact on your relationship. However, the…

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