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Tips to keep your kitchen sparkling clean

It is vital to keep every corner of your home clean and especially the kitchen where you make your meals. Kitchen is the hub of every household. From meal prepping, cooking to eating, there are so many activities that go on in there. For that reason, it can easily get dirty and transfer those nasty bacteria to your meals. Therefore, it’s important to maintain proper hygiene in your kitchen all the time. But how do you go about it in the right way? If you want to learn some quick tips to keep your kitchen spotlessly clean, this article shares this and much more.

Use the tips below to keep your kitchen germ-free.

1. Clean as you cook

If you are cooking a meal and every utensil you use you either leave it on the countertop or through it in the sink, by the time you are done, the kitchen will be a total mess. Cleaning such a kitchen can be overwhelming. Instead, use every free minute you have to do some cleaning as you wait for the meal to cook. For instance, instead of standing there doing nothing as you wait for the water to come to a boil, how about you use those free minutes to do some cleaning. Unload the dishwasher, wipe the countertops and put away the utensils you are done using. You will be impressed at how your kitchen looks sparkling clean even after preparing dinner. Do not underestimate those in-between times of cooking, they could be all the time you need to keep your kitchen in order. After that, at least once a week do some thorough cleaning and you will be good to go.

2. Clean any spillage immediately

It is not that you don’t know you need to clean that spillage on the countertop or even in the fridge immediately it occurs but because you are in a hurry you assume you will do it when you get back. Does this sound familiar? The truth is, cleaning spills immediately they happen is far much easier than doing it when it is already dried up. Imagine how it would have been easier if you wiped that porridge on the floor when it was still wet. Now that it has already dried up, you have to soak it in water and do lots of scrubbing to clean the mess. That energy you are using there could have been better if you utilized it to do some other tasks around your home.

3. Clean your countertops

Kitchen counters have a pretty rough life. This is where most activities around the kitchen take place. They are the main victims of all kinds of spills. When you get home from the market with grocery, this is where they are first placed and unpacked. The list of the things that pass on the kitchen counters is limitless. Hence, they need to be clean all the time if you don’t want to feed your loved ones with bacteria-infested food. Besides, messy, sticky and dirty countertops will demotivate you from making healthy meals for your family.

Apart from the usual every minute cleaning, make sure you thoroughly clean those counters with hot water and detergent twice or at least once a week depending with how often you use your kitchen. If you have toddlers, cleaning it twice will be ideal because high chances are, you are always in the kitchen preparing something for them. You can also use a solution of liquid chlorine bleach and water if you like. For best results, do it when you have time so that you can leave the solution on the counters for about 10 to 20 minutes before wiping it. Use disposable paper towels to wipe the solution.

4. Keep your fridge clean

The fact that you only open your fridge when getting something and immediately close the door can make you forget about cleaning it all together. But did you know your fridge can be a breeding ground for bacteria if you fail to clean it often? Make it a habit to clean any spillage right away and a routine to thoroughly clean it with once a week. Some warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid should help to do the trick. Also, don’t forget to check those items that are no longer in use and remove them immediately.

5. Scrub your sink daily

Every cook will agree to the fact that apart from countertops, the sink is also used for so many times throughout the day. Therefore, if it’s not well-cleaned, it can easily become a hub of bacteria quickly. The good news is that scrubbing your sink daily won’t take much of your time. A quick scrub with a spritz of kitchen cleaner and a scourer once a day will ensure your sink remains germ-free. Between the scrubs, use a kitchen towel to wipe any spillage around the sink to keep it spotlessly clean.

6. Keep your utensils in order

It can be too annoying and messy to remove almost every item in the shelves just to get what you are looking for. Instead, keep your items in order so that it becomes easy to locate them whenever you need them. It will also make things for you pretty easy when cooking and preparing meals. If you are finding it difficult to identify those cabinets and drawers, looks for beautiful decorations to use as markings.

A clean kitchen for healthy meals

If you want to enjoy making those delicacies and trying out new recipes right in your kitchen, kindly keep it clean all the time. Do not wait until your sink is blocked for you to realize you have not been cleaning it the right way. The above tips can help you achieve a super clean kitchen without straining and protect your family from different types of foodborne diseases. When cleaning those germy spots, use a disposable towel and throw it in the bin after use to avoid transferring germs to other surfaces. A clean kitchen will not only motivate you to cook meals at home but it will make the activities easier and fun too.

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