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Tuft and Needle mattress

None of us would ride a bike or go for a hike the right gear, even such a thought would be considered preposterous. And yet, despite spending a third of our lives sleeping the majority of us haven’t prepared in the bedroom (when it comes to mattresses that is) and it’s not that we don’t recognize the importance of a comfy mattress. A 2011 poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that 92 percent of people say a comfortable mattress is important to a good night’s sleep, and yet the majority of us fail to find the right one which creates several complications for us such as feeling fatigued and cranky, having back pains etc.

Now, why is that? Is it because of the shady tactics mattress companies and dealers use to close in a deal? Or is it because a suitable mattress may cost you more than your monthly groceries? Whatever the case may be, no need to worry since Tuft and Needle has got you covered!

Tuft and Needle is an online-only new mattress company that has designed a universally comfortable foam mattress which is backed up by the fact that it’s the Number 1 mattress on Amazon where it is exclusively available. Tuft and Needle mattresses are produced in the United States and are shipped right to your doorstep. Meaning that you don’t have to worry about a salesman trying to sell you something that will benefit him more than it benefits you, and if you’re skeptical about shopping online or have legitimate fears or fraud, they’ve got that covered too. Tuft and Needle offers a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty meaning that if you think you’re not happy with your Tuft and Needle mattress even after sleeping for a whole month on it, they’ll happily take it back. No gimmicks, no tactics, just easy returns.

The company aims to provide their customers with a good night’s sleep rather than making bank, and that too at an affordable price of around $600 for a Tuft and Needle Queen size mattress. The company designed a proprietary material known as the Tuft and Needle adaptive foam for their mattresses which they claim to adapt to an individual’s body. Other than that the Tuft and Needle foam contains a cooling gel and a wicker graphite to increase breathability and keep things cool. The company also offers the Tuft and Needle mint mattress, pillows, frames and other bedding products.

Tuft and Needle as a company is also very transparent about the construction of their products. One can head over to their site if they really want to dive deep into the materials and technicalities of how the mattress is manufactured. The highlight of which include that the mattress is produced in a factory in the US and the foam used is proprietary which aims to get a mix of the best qualities of memory foam and latex foam while minimizing their adverse effects such as not being very temperature neutral. Tuft and Needle mattress is 10 inches thick, they used to have a 5-inch thick model which was discontinued.

The cover of the mattress is made from rayon and polyester and ends up being soft to the touch and fairly stretchy. The Tuft and Needle offer a relatively small amount of motion transfer, much like a latex mattress. Which means that If you’re sleeping with a partner (or your pet) this mattress is going to be a much better option for you as compared to a spring mattress which in general shows a lot of motion transfer and ends up waking up the one lying next to you. Other than the added bonus of not waking your partner up while going to get a glass of water at 3 in the morning, the Tuft and Needle mattress gives you the ability to use the entire surface area, and for that you’re going to need good edge support which foam mattresses have a hard time providing as compared their traditional inspiring counterparts. Worry not, Tuft and Needle has got you covered once again!

Another thing worth noting is that there is no transition layer between the comfort layer and the base layer of the mattress. This may not sound very important but it is since depending on how you sleep or your size, you may feel the firmness of this mattress differently because of the switch between soft and firm layers. Keeping in mind the fact that different people have different body types and shapes may feel the firmness differently. This means that the Tuft and Needle should provide a general feeling that would be fit for most people. If your preferences aren’t too specific then this mattress should be a decent fit.

I also found that the Tuft and Needle mattress provides pretty good pressure relief which is all thanks to the soft comfort layer. One can change positions without having to worry about any interference since the mattress has a quick response to changes in pressure. Apart from that Turf and Needle mattress works with almost any foundation, meaning that you can place it on the floor, on box spring beds, and even on adjustable frames without having to worry about having to spend extra on costly upgrade.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a quality mattress at one of the lowest price points in the space while having some of the best reviews and want to purchase from an established brand which Tuft and Needle is, then this mattress is for you! It enables you to break free from the worries of having to spend huge sums on money on the traditional innerspring mattress with the added bonus of not having to going through all the pain of haggling with a salesman while providing you with the best comfort on a budget all of which the founders were able to achieve due to their e-commerce model which eliminated the middlemen and their unnecessary markups which enabled them to invest more into developing their product and providing something that almost everyone needs; a good night’s sleep on a budget.
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