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Dating for college students: wooing co-eds

The professor says something stupid and you roll your eyes, only to find your neighbor doing the same. You smile and they smile back. You can’t help but notice their Angelina Jolie figure and cute Halle Berry hair. To your surprise she laughs about it and before you know it, you’ve got her number and now you’ve just got to make plans to do something. This isn’t high school and you don’t think that meeting behind the bleachers is really going to cut it. You are actually going to have to think of something to do. Luckily, this is only college. So it’s the perfect time to really master those dating skills.

Find Something You Both Like

If you are a set in stone nerd and they are a hard-core athlete, this can be difficult. Despite the different worlds you live in, there will still be things that you both like. Whether it is the new action movie in theaters or the laser-tag arena in town, find something that you both enjoy, to make it more exciting for you both.

Avoid Movies

Even if you both love movies, you might want to save your theater coupon for later. Movies might seem great first date opportunities: you won’t have to talk too much. If things get awkward you can focus on the movie, and no one will see you acting like a Putz. Unfortunately, all of that means that you are less likely to actually get a second date. It’s a lot harder to seem impressive and interesting in the 10 minutes before the previews start than it is over a whole evening. Try to find something interactive that will let you get to know each other first.

Get Moving

Seeing as how you are trying to get as close as possible to your date without seeming creepy, this can seem counter productive. But, doing something active for one of your first few dates can help move things along. You get to interact, while having something else to focus on. It also helps that getting their blood pumping with exercise is only going to help it get moving, later. Besides, this way you’ve always got an excuse to accidentally run into them while diving for that ball.

Use Your Friends

Part of what makes dating so awkward is the isolation of it. Normally, if a conversation dies, you’ve got six or seven people around to give it a boost. A double or group date can open everyone up. You’ll feel more comfortable and so will your date. So whether it is your friends or theirs, invite a few more people along. You can have your alone time when it really matters.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If you are a normal person, dating is nerve-wracking, which means you are going to be less than your best. You’ll knock over a water-glass, accidentally step on their toes, or blurt out about your secret teddy-bear. No matter what happens, don’t let it freak you out. Everyone feels stupid and awkward when they are first getting to know someone. Let it pass, and you might be surprised just how cute they find all those awkward mannerisms. Try to maintain a regular steady eye contacts.

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