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I want that flight

It is the desire of every traveler to find the smartest and most affordable means of transport. If one of your hobbies involves traveling or maybe you travel for work, then you need someone to assist you to find the best value, the best dates and the best destinations. So, instead of you spending most of your precious time researching flights, I want that flight is there to ease your burden. It will guide you so that you can make the most out of your travel time and money, of course.

This site is incredibly powerful to any traveler, especially in Australia. It is also useful to other flights originating elsewhere. Before you book any flight, consider using this site to track down an elusive, affordable flight.

Cheap flights – The best way to save your money

I want that flight is quite unique when it comes to ensuring you get your choice of flight depending on your budget. How are they able to do this? It’s simple. They compare 100s of airlines and avail to you who is offering the best deals on airfares. They do this either from the airlines directly or at times from travel agencies. After you have made your choice, they let you book directly and therefore there are no fees or charges added on. In other words, they are absolutely free. Every time you have flexible flying dates, the best option would be to check their calendar just to see their various cheap flights.

Another way to save your money with I want that flight is through their Air Price Alert which they can send you whenever the flight you want drops below your chosen price. Do you desire to have a cheap holiday? Well, simply check out their newsletter, this shows the cheapest flights to anywhere from your home airport.

The steps of setting an Airfare price alert

If you have a tight budget but flexible travel dates, you can use such a chance to get the cheapest option to get it right, you need an Airfare Price Alert. Currently you cannot set up alerts on your mobile phone but hopefully, that will change soon. When you enter a search and it is complete, the Airfare Price Alert box will be availed. Then, enter your email address and click save. You will then receive a confirmation mail.

Now that the alert is fully working for you, it will search for the dates you entered and you will receive an alert any time the price drops below the cheapest price you found during the time you searched. Furthermore, instead of clicking ‘Save’ you can opt to click ‘More Options’. When you do that, you will have the option of altering the date ranges and the price that you want. For instance, you can change the departure date from a specific date to anytime. You simply do this by clicking on the down arrow next to the date. Then click save and wait for alerts.

Cheap domestic flights in Australia

I want that flight is a company fully Australian owned. So they are more than best for flights originating and terminating in Australia. When searching for the best domestic flight prices, one way to do this is by entering the dates into the search functionality. When you select flexible dates, you will be able to view a month of prices across all the airlines. The other way to search for a suitable flight is an overview of the year as well as a graphical representation of the prices for a few weeks to come. To see this, visit the Domestic Flight page and select the destination of your choice.

After you have selected the place you wish to visit, then select the place you are flying from. You will now be able to see a number of upcoming flights with their prices and some further information about the destination you have chosen.

The yearly overview is quite helpful especially when you have no restriction to visit a certain place. That way, you can go over it and choose any time in the year that might be offering the cheapest deals. For instance, if you travel often to a particular place but you are not restricted when that is, then you can always choose that time when the deals are awesome.

Cheap international flights

Similar to the case of domestic flights, you can also search for international flights. There are two ways to do this. The first one requires you to enter your departure and arrival airports and then search for dates. After that, you will get a screen with all the flight prices returned with many filters such as price and transit airport among others. The good thing about this search is that it shows you some combinations you could not have thought of.

If you are departing from Australia, the second way is fantastic. Here you are able to search between two different destinations using search criteria such as a date arrange for when you place to depart and the time you want to come back. For instance, if you want to take a two weeks’ vacation but you are not restricted with time, then you go to this page and enter a departure date for a certain month and state that you want to return in two weeks. You will be availed with the cheapest rates available for the days you have chosen.

Doing this is very simple, go to the International Flights page and select the city you desire to visit. If it is not shown here, then go to All International Destinations and make your choice. After that, you can then go ahead and select the place you want to fly from. When you do so, the cheapest flights to your destination will appear. If the results are not fulfilling, then you can filter based on the date and duration of the trip in question. It will now be simple to know which airline is cheaper and on which dates. If you scroll down, you will also be able to see the yearly overview of average monthly prices just like the way it is done with Domestic Flights.

Benefits of alerts and newsletter

The ability to set up alerts on this site is just amazing. This enables you to get a mail once the flight price drops below a certain price. The newsletter also sends you all the cheapest deals from your closest airport. In fact, if you want some inspiration for your next trip, the newsletter will do it perfectly. If you are a travel addict, this will definitely spoil you.

Benefits of checking for deals on Iwantthatflight.com.au

Ever felt like you spent almost as long searching for a cheap light as you spend sitting on the plane? How do you get a great deal without frustrations? I want that flight is here to answer such queries. Travelers now have a chance to compare flights and fares from several airlines using their site. The most impressive feature about all these is that there is no charge for this comparison. Wondering how the site makes money? Well, just like any other business, they are here to make money as well. Their money comes from advertising.

I want that flight is one of a kind since there are no hidden charges or fees. It is very annoying when you buy an online flight ticket and get loads of extra fees especially booking fees and credit card usage fees. It actually becomes more annoying when using flight charge websites because you might end up paying more than you could have paid if you booked directly with the airline.

This site only plays the role of linking you directly with the airline to enable you to book your ticket. They even display cheaper prices by other travel agencies when offered. Such transparency is quite rare in this industry.

If you are traveling on a budget and you are not in too much hurry, I want this flight will give you the best deals ever. The flight alerts will let you know when an available flight falls within your budget via email. Their daily cheap flights’ emails will ensure you receive the latest deals to get in quickly before the prices go up again.

Another great feature of I want that flight is their summary page. This page has a simple graph layout with an overview of airfare prices for the coming months. They also avail the average flight prices by each airline. You simply need to enter the dates you want to travel and let the site search for all the best prices available. The site ensures you get to know about cheap flights that you might want to take advantage of when traveling to see family members and friends. However, it is important to note that if you are flexible in the dates you want to travel, then you will get the best deals.

Weekends only

I want that flight has got you covered even during weekends. This entails all the flights that leave on either Friday or Saturday and returns on either Sunday or Monday. In this case, you only need to enter the departure date and the site will provide you with the following 10 weekends’ flight schedules automatically. This awesome plan ensures that you get to choose the best deals when traveling.

The bottom line

I want that flight is a darling to many travelers because it makes it much easier to find cheap flights. For those who live in Australia, it actually makes it super easy to find a great deal. Instead of going to other paying booking sites, consider I want this flight so that you have clear expectations of all the final prices. This way, you will not get surprised by additional fees and charges along the way. This is the best site for any budget conscious traveler and any other person who does not like paying extra fees.
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