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10 gender-neutral accessories perfect for anybody and any body

If you’re in the market for some gender-neutral gifts that you can use to delight anybody – and we mean any body – on your list, you’re in for a treat. We’re rounding up some of the very best non-gendered accessories that win at the fluidity game. These awesome items require no complex sizing and don’t play into any uber-outdated gender norms, so they make brilliant presents for surprising your non-binary, gender-queer, LGBTQIA, agender or bigender buddies.

  1. A Pair of Funky Socks – When it comes to gender neutrality, we feel like funky socks are the epitome. For the most part, feet are non-gendered, and sizes don’t vary that much between men’s and women’s. Even traditional menswear socks—stripes, argyle, polka-dots—err on the side of gender-neutral, and we’re grateful. But it’s the novelty socks we love for celebrating fluidity. Grab a pair of sassy AF socks for the non-gendered humorist on your list or select some art socks for the human being who loves art. There’s something for every gender and personality.
  2. Colorful Enamel Pins – Give your recipient a single enamel pin and credit yourself with starting their collection, which will inevitably grow (and grow and grow). Enamel pins are the hottest accessory trend among forward-thinking fashion-lovers, and for good reason: They’re so easy to customize to your recipient based on their personality, job, hobbies and even their political beliefs as you’ll find pins for literally everyone, from beekeepers to anime fans to feminists. Your recipient can stick ’em on their jackets, scarves, shirts, wherever.
  3. A Dazzling Watch – Take a look at some luxury watches and you’ll notice that size is really the only main differentiator between the men’s and women’s collections. Good-quality watches use the same premium materials and movements regardless of who they’re marketed toward and, with only a few exceptions, the industry has done a good job of not putting certain watch styles in certain gender categories. In fact, you might have noticed, the traditionally masculine oversized link watches have become extremely popular among women in the past couple of decades. It doesn’t matter if you go for a simple, leather banded style or something with some bling, a gorgeously designed watch should suit any wearer, regardless of gender.
  4. A Neutral-Colored Scarf – Scarves are the perfect non-gendered gift because they’re simultaneously practical and stylish, which means they’ll get tons of use throughout the year. Hand-knitted scarves—and potentially matching hats and gloves, if you’re looking for the total package—are perfectly gender-neutral and easy to tailor to your recipient. This is a must for the holidays, especially for people who live in cold climates.
  5. Diamond Stud Earrings – Over the decades, diamond earrings have held notable gender associations, flopping between being seen as traditionally feminine and traditionally masculine, depending on the style trends of the time. Now—thanks in part to the trailblazers from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop and many modern male fashion icons – the glitzy diamond stud earring is one of the most gender non-binary pieces of jewelry out there.
  6. Tooled Leather Belts – Tooled leather belts are so great because they either scream “badass cowboy” or “hippie chick” depending on who’s wearing them and how they’re styled. Leather tooling is the art of creating a permanent, intricate design—such as flowing flowers or a person’s name—in a piece of leather. While you can get this amazing effect on tons of different accessories, including handbags and purses, tooled leather belts are among the most gender-fluid options out there.
  7. Baseball Caps – With all things sporty permeating into the modern, day-to-day wardrobe, baseball caps have solidified their place in the style lexicon for all genders. Whether it’s a classic snapback with a sports team’s logo on the front or a $500 leather and mesh number by Givenchy, the ballcap is rapidly being redefined as a staple accessory for any and all wearers, especially those who aren’t afraid to break gender boundaries.
  8. A Sling Bag – It may look like a fanny pack to you, but this hot-right-now streetwear staple is anything but square. The sling bag, also known as the chest fanny pack or the chest bag, is a practical, sporty accessory that knows no gender. The beauty of this accessory is that it provides the practicality of a handbag—traditionally relegated only to women—so you can free up your pockets (and your hands) as you’re running around town. But they’re also super-popular among men, proving that modern trends need not fall into any specific gender categories.
  9. Statement Sunglasses – Sunglasses are right up there with socks in terms of the best non-gendered accessories because they require no sizing and are a practical addition to basically anyone’s wardrobe. Plus, the best sunglass styles—aviators, wayfarers, clubmasters, etc.—are extremely gender fluid. We’ve noticed that the biggest sunglass trends du jour are not tied to any gender—from the small, color-tinted lenses coming back from the ’90s to the visor sport sunglasses, they’re being rapidly adopted by everyone.
  10. A Nice-Quality Wallet – A good leather wallet can last a decade, so it’s worth the investment. And, of course, all genders need somewhere to store their cash and cards, so it’s a surefire winner when you’re aiming for gender neutrality. We recommend sticking with a classic style – black or brown leather, perhaps – for a totally fluid flair.

Don’t Let Your Style Be Constrained by Labels

Even though the aforementioned items are all expressly gender-neutral, we believe that pretty much everything could be considered gender-neutral, depending on who wears it and how they wear it. In other words, if you like rocking “men’s” suit jackets but identify as a woman or if you have a thing for “women’s” watches and you identify as a guy, wear what you want to wear! The moral of the story is this: Don’t let labels dictate what you wear.

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