• coconut milk
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    Benefits and uses of coconut milk

    Coconut milk is considered a miracle liquid in most parts of the world. This not without some good reasons. Coconut milk popularity has continued to rise over time. Apart from it being a tasty alternative to cow’s milk, coconut milk has great health benefits to its users. If you want to learn more about this wonder milk, its uses and benefits, this article is meant for you. What is coconut milk? Let not the name confuse you. Coconut milk is not actually dairy milk as the name suggests. It’s a liquid extracted from mature coconuts found in coconut trees. To get the milk, you will need to grate the inner…

  • gift box
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    Gift-giving etiquette guide: the unwritten rules on gift giving

    As the holiday season draws nearer, many of us are preparing our Christmas shopping lists. Whatever holiday you may be celebrating this December, it is always an excellent time for goodwill. For many cultures, this is an opportunity to express their appreciation for others, and in many cases, this is done by giving them a well-thought-of gift. Unfortunately, the waters of gift-giving can be rather complicated to navigate, which inevitably leads to potentially awkward situations. While giving a gift is mostly seen as an act of generosity and benevolence, it also comes with its own set of specific rules. The rules of etiquette for gift-giving are interpreted differently depending on…

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    Exploration has no boundaries with the new electric mountain bike Miclon Cybertrack

    Miclon, an up-and-coming electric bike brand, has released its new Cybertrack 100 electric mountain bike with 2x faster charge on Amazon. Within a few days of its release, the Cybertrack 100 had dominated the electric bike category in Amazon’s best-selling new releases and gained significant traction with customers in the United States. Electric travel is currently the world’s greenest mode of transportation and looks to remain this way in the foreseeable future. Miclon was established to offer consumers better choices for green travel and allow more people to enjoy the joy of sustainable transportation. Over the past few years, Miclon has conducted extensive R&D for the key components in e-bikes.…

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